Ethernet as a Work at Home Solution

There’s a saying that goes like this, “you don’t know what you don’t know.” In the IT and Telecom world truer words have never been spoken. Directors and Managers of network and IT working for companies that have chosen to virtualize their workforce, more often than not, they are unaware that extending the LAN to the home via a Layer 2 Ethernet solution is available.

Traditionally the first and only thought when it comes to network is Internet (and all the complexities it brings along with it.) But Ethernet is also available as a solution. It can be a simpler solution that insures the remote employees have the same work experience that the “bring and morter” staff have.  It also simplifies some security issues, resolves some of the delivery of application issues that may arise due to the use of a IPVPN, allows the comapany to deploy less expensive “dumb” terminals rather than laptops and resolves the help desk issues that can escalate as more employees are sent home.

Below is a link to a presentation that we created for USAA that breaks out the benefits and downside of deploying Ethernet or Internet when building out your work at home network. It also describes the capabilities and different topographies that can be implemented.

L2 L3 Ethernet Overviewppt

If you like that presentation and have additional quetions pease don’t hesitat to call. I can be reached at 480-495-8288.


Ian Bellais


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