Virtualization White Paper from Florida’s Agency for Workforce Innovation

The link below will take you to an article about a white paper created  for Florida‘s Agency for Workforce Innovation (AWI). The white paper focuses on the virtualization of the server  and desktop (the cloud) and the  virtualization of the workforce. It’s a clear and concise discussion about why “the cloud” is so important with  virtualizing a workforce.

For those of you that aren’t technical in nature this article does a great job of providing the business reasons virtualization of the desktop and the server are important ideas. Everything to reducing the number of servers needed to the use of thin clients to reduce the “end user” costs.

For those that are technical in nature the article does a nice job of discussing how your virtualization solutions can produce greater productivity and increased organizational flexibility. It also highlights other benefits the AWI derived from the virtualization of it’s workforce.

As always I hope you find this infomation useful and motivating.


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