Undercover Teleworker

I recently ran across an article about the increasing number of federal government employees that are now teleworking. Although the Federal Telecommuting act was just passed it hasn’t been in place long enough to account for the increase. The article seems to suggest that telework’s increasing popularity is being driven more by employees cultural outlook, desire for improvements in lifestyle and a search for a better work environment. One of the stats the article sites is the percentage of government employees that are working at home due to an unofficial arrangement with their manager. Around 22%

Valley Metro, here in Phoenix, says their statistics mirror those of the Federal government. North of 20% of workers here in the valley also have some kind of unofficial arrangement that allows them to work at home at least part of the time.  It may be that employees are taking this step because they feel they can create the work environment that’s best for them.  Many experts cite the fact that the technology in the home has begun to surpass the technology in the office giving employees more choices and more effective ways to work.

I hope you enjoy this article. As always please provide comments and feedback.



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