Work at Home: Planning for IPv6

Many are beginning to realize that work at home programs will be impacted by the advent of IPv6. Many of the routers that employees are using out of their home today are not IPv6 compatible. What is of greater concern is that is most cases the employer is not managing the home router. The employee is. If the existing router isn’t replaced it won’t be possible benefit from the advantages that IPv6 provides…Most notably a true end to end network solution for work at home.

The link below takes you to a recorded interview of Tim Winters, Senior IP Manager, University of New Hampshire interoperability lab. The interview originally aired on Federal News Radio.

Federal agencies are under an OMB mandate to make sure their computer networks can handle IPv6. Winters discusses the fact that Enterprise networks are starting to get there. But Telework programs may be lagging behind.

Enjoy the broadcast. As always I look forward to your feedback.


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