Broadband and Telecommuting Help US Environment and Economy

Scientific Research just released an interesting report regarding the impact of Broadband and Telecommuting on the environment and economy (see the link below).  The document initially addresses the increase in broadband availabillity. In turn broadband has created the platform that allows organizations to transplant work to the home. The report starts with some interesting stats on the reduction of greenhouse gas emmissions caused by the growth of broadband and telecommuting. But as you dig deeper you’ll find information on cost savings, productivity, and overal impacts on the business. Most interesting to me was the detail on the hourly savings per employee contact centers derive from launching telecommuting programs. Scientific Research says that 3,000,000 jobs have been offshored, but they are now finding that some of those jobs are beginning to come back to the US as contact centers realize the cost savings of telecommuting. Click on the link below to read the full report. Hope you enjoy and I’m looking forward to any feedback you have.



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