1 Gig to the Home

PC World recently published an article about a company called Tilgin who is launching a home gateway capable of speeds of up to 1 gig. The article asks the question would 1 gig speeds increase the desire of companies to virtualize their workforce to the home.

The article touches on 1 gig speeds that are already available in certain markets. It also touches on cable companies beginning to experiment with 1 gig speeds as well.

For me the article emphasises the importance of network in any work at home plan. As companies begin to shed facilities and virtualize their operations the network becomes the facility. It must provide the same reliability, quality and user experience that occurs within the facility itself.

While bandwidth can satisfy, somewhat, the reliability, quality and user experience objectives other factors must be addressed. Network factors  like latency or delay, class of service, security, the help desks ability to manage the network and the potentially negative impact VPNs can have of application delivery must also be addressed.  All these network “elements” were solved for LANs years ago because organizations couldn’t afford down time resulting in lower productivity. The same attention needs to be given to the WAN organizations are now running their virtual operations over.

Click here to read the PC World article. You can also click here if you want to read about an Ethernet alternative to Internet for your work at home network. I hope you enjoy the article and I look forward to your feedback.


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