FCC promises 100,000 jobs to staff ‘call centers’

You read that right. The FCC announced that it will be helping to onshore 100,000 call center jobs back into the US. It looks like all these jobs will be work at home positions. You can read the actual article regarding the FCC‘s announcement by clicking on this link.

How are they doing this? It appears the FCC is working with a group called “Jobs4America”. This is a consortium of major players in the call center space like LiveOps, Alpine Access, Arise,VIPDesk, TeleTech, Sprint, Accent Marketing Services and Working Solutions. On Thursday, August 4th, the “Jobs4America” coalition announced the creation of 13,000 jobs as a start and challenged other US based firms to do the same.

Actually Arise, by itself, announced in June that they will hire 11,000 work at home employees this year in the US and Canada. Click on this link to see an interview with their CEO on CNN. She does an excellent job talking about the change in the employees expectations and the benefits to the organization.

I’ve mentioned before that work at home is a potential job creation device and here’s some actual proof that it’s working. The question is where will those jobs go and why will the the members of the coalition choose to send jobs to one market over another… Especially when finding an actual facility isn’t a concern.

I’d like to see those jobs come to Phoenix. Why not? Phoenix is a call center hub with plenty of experienced call center agents. It’s also a unique market in that Cox has enabled an Ethernet solution for work at home that provides a more stable, reliable user experience closely resembling that of the facility based user.

You can read more about the FCC and “Job4America” by clicking on the links below. I hope you enjoy them and as always I look forward to your feedback.








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