Municipality Forms Telework Committee

Due to the recent announcement by the FCC concerning their commitment of bringing 100,000 work at home jobs back to the US I thought this article from the Fergus Falls Journal was pertinent. I know it’s Fergus Falls and not LA, New York, Seattle or Phoenix… but it could be.

According to this article Fergus Falls has committed itself to branding itself as a telework hub in the state of Minnesota. They’ve launched this effort by forming a Telework Committee whose purpose is two-fold: 1) Connect local employees to major enterprises offering viable telework opportunities, and 2) Encourage city government to create an attractive business and technical climate for companies wishing to bring work at home programs to their city.

Potentially, what are the essential market elements that need to be in place for work at home to be succesful in any region? These are some of my ideas, but I’m certain there are others. If you have some please share them with us.

1. A large, well educated hiring pool.

2. A robust, reliable telecom network to the home. Cox’s work at home Ethernet solution in Phoenix is a great example of an extremely reliable, robust network that makes the market a potential work at home hub. 

3. A hoteling or shared space infrastructure in place for employees to go to when the home network is down or the home environment is temporarily not sufficient for work (Take a look at Liquid Space as an example of an organization that offers just such a service.) 

4. Tax credits for the organization and the employee could play a vital role in promoting a region as a work at home hub.

5. Local technical expertise specific to creating the right technical solutions that insure a quality experience for the end-user, and greater efficiencies and quality for the employer.

6. Local recruiting and training expertise that can ensure organizations are hiring the right employees to work at  home and training them correctly (this is essential to any telework program).

You can read the Fergus Falls Journal article by clicking on the link below. I look forward to your feedback.


One thought on “Municipality Forms Telework Committee

  1. This article was worth reading and I am forwarding on to the person in our organization in charge of virtual agents. Thank you for sharing.

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