Telecommuting A Requirement for Job Seekers

At the Ework Summit in May the question came up… Can work at home drive jobs to certain markets in the US. It’s a fact that call center jobs are being on-shored back in the US. Many of these jobs are technical in nature and pay a fairly significant hourly wage.

Now a recent Microsoft survey shows that many job seekers are making telecommuting a requirement. According to the survey this is especially true for top-notch IT talent.

Finally we should look at how the overall look and feel of telecommuting is going to change over the next ten years. Federal Computer just released an interesting article that highlights ten  predictions for telework over the next ten years. The most interesting to me were the replacement of desktops and laptops by tablets; the movement of everything to the cloud; software becoming more available; and perhaps more importantly the growing generation gap in which the emerging generations continue to make telecommuting a higher priority.

So as jobs are onshored into the US and more “knowledge workers” are making work at home a priority, technology continues to develop over the next ten years and emerging generations make work at home a higher priority the questions remains…Where will these jobs go?

The same Microsoft survey, according to an article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, says that those jobs may be going to Atlanta. According to the survey Atlanta is the number one telecommuting market in the US.  The survey took into account the business communities support, technical solutions available and employee desire.

But there’s good news for those of us in Arizona.  It appears that the greater Phoenix area isn’t far behind and was ranked third in that same Microsoft survey. We certainly have unique technical and network solutions for work at home and the employee desire for work at home is high. We also have excellent examples of successful work at home programs at companies like Blue Cross, USAA, IBM and Microsoft. So what is left for Phoenix to do to become the number one choice of employers and employees that want to telecommute? That is the big question.

Members of the Ework summit continue to work towards solving that puzzle. You can join us by linking to the Ework Summit Linked In group and sharing your thoughts.

I hope you enjoy the articles linked to this blog and as always I look forward to your feedback.


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