After We go Home what does the Office Look Like?

A friend of mine just sent me this article about the rethinking of the office work space. The development of new technologies, new ways to collaborate and the shift in the outlook of the workforce are not only driving organizations to virtualize; they’re also prompting the same organizations to rethink the architecture of the office itself. Knowledge base or creative workers will always need some place to meet and collaborate. So as more workers go home, the needs for space shrink and the way that space is being used changes what does the office we’re leaving behind look like.

This article my friend sent to me compares how office spaces are really being used vto the traditional thoughts around designing work spaces. According to the article a company called Herman Miller is deploying a new software that resides on a smart phone that actually measures what spaces in the office are being used the most, how many people are using them and when they’re being used.  Yes there is an app for even that. The article also highlights a company called LooseCubes – a community market place for shared workspace. One of the changes taking place in the workspace, as employees don’t need the space full-time, is that companies are beginning to share that space. Lastly, and most interestingly to me, the article discussed how the nature of collaboration is changing. Rather than being assigned to work groups, today employees are choosing to opt in and volunteer to collaborate over specific issues. Static teams organized by cubes are now becoming fluid ensembles meant to solve one issue or achieve one goal and then disband. In other words the right team at the right time.

Work at home fits neatly into this picture of the new work environment. To achieve maximum potential the employee is seeking autonomy, desires the maximum output in the most efficient way, to surround him or herself with the right partners and the right work environment at the right time.

Click on the link below to read this article. Enjoy. I look forward to your feedback.


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