A Year of Achievments/A New Year Begins

I thought it was appropriate to take a minute to thank everyone that supported us last year. It was an important year and we accomplished quite a bit.

The most visible achievement was the launch of the Ework Summit. The event wouldn’t have been as successful as it was with out  Steve Greenberg’s support as co-chair and the involvement of many facilitators including: Dustin Fennel, Scottsdale Community College; Tim Hayden, Citrix Systems; Kim Roh, Microsoft; Carolyn Sechler, Sechler CPA; Kayelen Rolfe, State of Arizona; Barbara Disser, Boeing; Beatrice Perry, Club Med; Eddie Caine, Valley Metro; Denise Hutchinson, APS; Pablo Villalon, MSS; Jeff Weekes, Terra Verde and Greg Wells, Blue Cross. We also received significant support from CCNG, Lavidge, Citrix, Microsoft and the Phoenix Business Journal. So thank you all.

We also made some other significant strides.

Cox launched its Work at Home Ethernet service. This has proven to be the gold standard for work at home network solutions and has already been adopted by several organizations in the Phoenix market.

We created an ROI Calculator for organizations attempting to calculate the financial impact a work at home program will have on its bottom line. Ruth O’Brien and Steve Greenberg spent valuable time on fine tuning this tool and insuring it’s viability.

With Ideal Dialogue and Ruth O’Brien we started a study focused on identifying the characteristics that predict if an employee will be successful work out of the home. Preliminary results show there are actually 7 characteristics that may predict success. We plan on continuing that study in 2012. So keep posted for the results.

And finally at the tail of 2011 we began taking some steps towards creating a think tank focused on creating jobs by using work at home as the catalyst. The strategy is two-fold: 1. convince organizations to expand their existing operations cost effectively via work at home and 2. drive jobs on shore cost effectively via  work at home. We have begun recruiting the initial task force for this project and hope to have the first meeting in the coming weeks.

The team that was formed as a result of the Ework summit has further plans for 2012. We’re hoping to expand upon the 2011 achievements and provide other avenues of support for those looking at work at home as a way of doing business.

Thanks to everyone again for a great 2011. Let’s look forward to an even more eventful 2012.


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