Alternative Internet Solution for Work at Home

If you’ve read any of my blogs in the past you’ll know that I espouse Ethernet as the best network solution for work at home….And I still do. However, the reality is that, other than technical concerns, there are other factors to take into account.

The largest is security. It’s not that Ethernet is less secure than Internet. It’s not. Ethernet provides a private, nailed down network that bypasses the public Internet. The issue is that organizations haven’t considered Ethernet as a solution in the past. As a result all security protocols and governances are based on an Internet solution.

Another obstacle to Ethernet is budget. Budgets, especially in large organizations, are those insurmountable obstacles that are managed by multiple players. Many times they also express the reality that the organization cannot afford to pay for the employee’s connection in the home.

These two significant concerns are what lead companies to using residential internet as their network solution for work at home. The result is that the organization is relying on a network solution that has the lowest class of service and forces the employee to become their own help desk. Neither are optimal situations.

Cox has recently completed Beta testing a “Hybrid” solution that shows a lot of promise. This “hybrid” Internet solution provides the organization the benefits of an Enterprise solution without the cost. The employee will experience improved performance, greater support and decreased down time. Here are some of the specific benefits:The internet circuit is a business class circuit with a higher class of service

  1. All circuits are installed as a separate line into the home eliminating splitters and increasing performance (this is a significant benefit that should be discussed in greater detail. Suffice to say it makes a huge difference).
  2. Employees order and pays for the service but can take advantage of discounted Enterprise rates. The online form also allows employees to request an address transfer, to move the modem from one room to another, or cancel service altogether. It’s basically a one stop landing page that makes it easy for them to get what they need.
  3. Although the employee is the customer of record your help desk will have access to the Cox Technical Assistance Centerand can trouble shoot any issues for your employees.

We have tested this method with two large organizations in the Phoenix market. One of those organizations, which now has over two hundred homes lit in thePhoenixarea, stated that Cox Phoenix is now the best ISP they work with in theUS. This is due to the increased service levels and improved network performance this solution provides.

It all starts with the online order process. To see a sample of the order page click on the link below.

Username: ibellais

Password: password

If you would like to find out more please contact me at 480-495-8288 or


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