Would You Give Up a Daily Shower to Work at Home

I think I, or rather my wife and children, would draw the line at giving up a daily shower in exchange for the priviledge to telecommute. But, according to a recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for TeamViewer 12% of you would.

The survey is a view into the minds of employees and the value they put on telework. Not surprisingly employees are willing to give up or sacrifice many things in exchange for telecommuting. Here’s a short list:

  • 29 percent would give up chocolate
  • 25 percent would give up their smartphone
  • 20 percent would give up shopping

There was a serious side to the survey as well. What I found most interesting is that 53% of those surveyed felt the increased use of SmartPhones and Tablets is improving their ability to telecommute…. and they’re right.

The intuitiveness and ease with which these devices can be used is the due the growth of that vague, hard to define “Cloud”. The ability to get to anything from anywhere is really the technilogical advance that makes working at home easier to deploy.

For my company, Cox Communications, the private cloud we created with the help of Thin Client Computing is what allows Cox to quickly deploy our work force to the home by providing nothing but a headset and a network circuit. The employees home computer takes on the role of a thin client device and is nothing more than a window to Cox’s workspace. The cloud gives us fast, easy, cheap, low risk deployment.

This brings me to the final point that I think the survey uncovers. Underneath it all those 53% are recognizing that it’s their tablet and their smartphone that’s making telework more viable. They understand that the “residential” or privately owned devices have begun to our perform the generaly accepted business devices available to companies today. More and more organizations are becoming device agnostic putting the choice in the employee’s hands rather than their own. Again, all made possible by the cloud.

If  you’d like to read more about the survey click on this link.

Thanks for reading. As always I look forward to your feedback.


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