Number of Teleworkers in Miami On the Rise

I just finished reading an interesting article published by Miami today. According to the article the percent of Miami residents that are now teleworking has grown to 4%. While stats show that over 30% of the population have jobs conducive to working at home  this is still an improvement.

The article does a good job of breaking down the reasons telework will continue to increase. Cost savings derived by the corporation (an average of $20,000 per year per teleworker) is only part of the story.

Generational expectations is another part of the story. The younger generation moving into the workforce today has grown up in a mobile society. The idea of doing work out of one location doesn’t make sense to them. The way  they communicate, work and live life is completely different from the baby boom generation that dominates the workforce today.

However, baby boomers themselves are coming to grips with the new work environment. The economy is forcing many of them to work past the traditional retirement age. However, they want the work to be done on their terms. Where and when they feels it’s appropriate. Again, working at home is becoming a popular option.

In the end, however, it may be looming gas prices that drive most of us home. Some estimates are that gas will increase to $6 a gallon soon. In a country where the average commute is 41 miles this becomes a costly drive. An employee, according to the article, can save up to $8000 per year by working at home. The increasing cost of gas will drive this savings up. Over the long run the emerging world economies like China and India will continue to demand more fuel, a limited resource, continuing to drive gas prices even higher.

There’s more interesting info the Miami Today article. I encourage you to read it. As always I look forward to your feedback.


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