Finding A Work A Home Job

I recently sent out a message on LinkedIn that, granted, may have seemed a little weird.
What can I say. I’m desperate.

Because of my involvement with work at home solutions many out there are assuming that I hire for work at home jobs. I am now, on a regular basis, getting 5 plus calls a days from folks looking for a work at home job and many more emails. More than I could possibly respond to.

The guilt is killing me and I feel compelled to provide some kind of resource for these folks to go to. It is unfortunate that the “work at home” landscape has been littered with false, misleading and, at best, dubious job postings. For some reason, I still haven’t really fathomed, it’s difficult to find a legitimate work at home position.

As a result I’ve decided to create a listing of companies that I know have real work at home positions available. My objective is simple. To send those looking for a work at home job to this page and at least give them a shot at finding what they’re looking for.

If you would like your company to be included in the listing please contact me .


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