South Korean Government Creating SmartWork Centers

I thought this article in Fed UC about the South Korean government creating SmartWork Centers was interesting. It’s another example of government investing in infrastructure in a new way to accommodate and encourage a new way of working.

The emergence of “SmartWork Centers” or communal workspaces or office hotels or whatever we’re calling them have some potentially far reaching and interesting impacts. The cloud becomes ever more important, SaaS that’s is deliverable to any device is critical, voice service hosted in a private or semi private cloud that follows you from place to place or device to device becomes more critical, security becomes a greater concern and the outlook of traditional management techniques will continue to be challenged.

Government can play a key role in the growth of business within specific markets. It’s not just about government getting out of the way and letting private industry take over. The infrastructure that allows for roads, electricity, water, gas, telephony and real estate development all require a partnership between the private sector and government. With the shift in work habits (when and where we work) is it time for the same kind of partnership to take place in the development of SmsrtWork Centers that are similar to South Korea’s? What kind of advantages would San Francisco have over LA or Phoenix have over Dallas if they provided SmartWork Centers to their corporate citizens? How would the economic development process change or evolve?

All these issues fascinate me and I love to get your feedback. I hope you enjoy the Fed UC article and sparks an interesting conversation.


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