The Cloud: Enabling Remote Agents to Provide a Better Customer Experience

I spent last week at Dreamforce in San Francisco learning more about how is enabling work anywhere on any device via the cloud.

Without a doubt the cloud is or is going to be piece of the puzzle when looking at virtualizing your agents to the home or remote sites.  It has become more evident that the cloud is a viable way for companies to shed heavy equipment and deliver content to any device no matter where it is…And as a result reducing cost and increasing the flexibility to place your agents outside the facility.

However, the cloud is also a way to ensure performance, productivity and customer service are at high levels. I’ve included two videos in the blog that I thought you would find interesting and drive this point home.

The first is a case study on how Comcast is using’s Service Cloud to listen and engage on social media . Through Facebook and Twitter integrations they are responding to customer concerns within minutes and preventing those concerns from going viral. Even more importantly they’re using collaborative case swarming to ensure the customer is getting the right answers  from the right people. 

The second case study focuses on Nissan is streamlining the customer experience by using the Service Cloud platform. The case study shows how a simple conversation that begins on social media is picked up by Nissan’s contact center leads to using saved customer information to up-sell or provide additional services and set appointments with the local dealership. A very slick example of how the cloud when integrated with company data bases can significantly improve sales and enhance the customer experience. 

It bares repeating that the agents in both case studies could perform their tasks from anywhere. I hope you find these videos interesting. Please contact me if you’d like to find out more about Service Cloud. I look forward to your feedback.


4 thoughts on “The Cloud: Enabling Remote Agents to Provide a Better Customer Experience

  1. Thanks Ruth. It’s exciting to be able to provide a solution that enhances the customer experience on top of enabling work at home solutions contact centers and other organizations. It is great stuff!!

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