BYOD: Avoiding Disasters and Using Apps

I recently read two articles in CIO Magazine. In general, both articles touched on BYOD (Bring your own device). The first article focused on avoiding BYOD disasters. The second article looked at a new app store being developed, in part, by Bill Gates. This first is a cautious look at BYOD. The second brings to light one of the advantages of BYOD.

There’s not much I can add to either article. They’re both worth reading and both focus on the education environment. However, The app store resource, called InBloom,  and BYOD both highlight, for me, that technology continues to push our environment to one of choice in all aspects of our lives – education, work, and personal lives. For education students will begin to choose the tools and learning methods that are best for them using the devices that they’re most comfortable with. For business (contact centers, etc…) organizations will cut significant costs and employees will pick the tools, apps and devices that help them best achieve their objectives. This is especially vital as companies move towards a virtual employee model.

Please read both articles by clicking on the links below. I look forward to your feedback.

1. Avoid BYOD Disasters

2. App Store

Ian Bellais
360 Vantage

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