What’s the Problem?

Flat Idea lamp symbolize crowdsourcing process isolated on white background

Millions of people have millions of great ideas every day. Ideas are easy. Or at least seem easy. For entrepreneurs a great idea isn’t enough.

Have you lived this scenario? I have. You have a great idea, put gigawatts of energy into it, spend hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars on it, go live and… nobody cares. It’s a crushing and depressing experience. After all, this is something you’ve put you life, sweat, blood and tears into, right? Your spouse has asked for over a year when you’re coming home again, your children have forgotten what you look like and you quit a cushy job to pursue your dream.

As an entrepreneur, the hardest thing for you to do is remove yourself from the equation. Your idea is like your children. It’s very difficult not to be biased. But, it’s important because, you need to fully understand if you’re actually solving a customer perceived problem.

Did you catch that? It’s a perceived problem. Your customers need to know that have a problem that needs to be solved before you can solve it. If you’re not solving a problem for the customer you have nothing. Ok I know. What about Steve Jobs and the iPad? What problem did the iPad solve. To be honest I’m not sure. But since Apple is wealthier than most small nations they can afford to take a gamble on a well conceived product. But, most of us can’t.

running_brainsA Thousand Minds is Better Than One

So,  how do you know if you’re on the right track? Involve the customer in your product development. The internet, smart phones, website, and mobile apps have made crowd sourcing a standard in the product development phase. It make sense, it’s inexpensive and the information is priceless. The information obtained will often dramatically change the direction of your product development effort, create a built-in core customer base and ensure you get it right.

The moral of this story is don’t wing it. Have a customer engagement plan during your product development phase. Seek out those enthusiasts that will most likely be willing to help and enlist them in your effort. That’s how you learn what the problem is.

I want to help you manage your product launch and improve revenue generation. First step is to schedule a free consultation.



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