Trivia Isn’t Trivial

TriviaLogoAt Least Not For the Players and the Companies Using it to Promote their Products

From all the projects I’ve done as a business and marketing consultant for startups and entrepreneurs this has been one of my favorite. Large companies have been using crowd sourcing to gather data during product development phases for a while now. But this project confirmed for me that small organizations can do it as well. I thought you’d like to see how we did it.

Hot Salsa Interactive, LLC along with Trivia Culture, LLC have been developing a trivia app named Trivia Joint for the last 12 months. The development path we implemented included using core user groups and client groups to  test the user interface (UI), user experience (UX) and gather critical metrics.

Trivia Joint is a unique mobile game because, it combines a mobile app trivia game with real world trivia nights hosted in bars across the US. User get an expanded trivia experience as the game continues after their trivia night ends.

There are also rewards for playing. As you play the Trivia Joint game you earn coins. These coins can be redeemed for a drink voucher (up to 4 a week).

When we began this journey we knew a few things:

  • There’s a niche market of trivia fanatics and we wanted to create a unique experience for them.
  • Although there are thousands of trivia nights held in the US every week the Trivia Joint concept was unique and takes advantage of the 4 to 6 hours fans spend playing trivia on their smart phones every week.
  • We were solving a problem for bars that would like to get a bigger bang for their marketing buck by making trivia relevant to their customers every day of the week.
  • We wanted Trivia Joint to be fun.
  • We wanted to create Brand Engagement Solutions (BES) and Product Engagement Solutions(PES) for beer, wine and spirit distributors that are embeded into the game itself.BES and PES engage our distributor and bar clients with the players in an extremely meaningful way.

As we end the Alpha Test and get ready to go live with our Beta Test in Albany, New York we’ve been compiling the data. The results are more than interesting. They’re compelling.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.35.10 PM

Player Data

The assumption that we could serve a core group of trivia enthusiasts has been confirmed in the data we collected. Here’s what we found.

For every 1000 players:

  • 300 to 500 players are active and in the app on a daily basis. In other words up 50% of all registered players play Trivia Joint everyday. These are unparalleled statistics that typical mobile games don’t achieve!
  • Trivia Joint is shared over 1200 times a month. This bodes well for future growth as players share Trivia Joint with their friends on Facebook, email and text at least one time per month.
  • Over 50% of the players used their coins to redeem a drink voucher at one of our participating bars.
  • The most impressive stat is that we see over 24,500 rounds of trivia played in a month. That is 24 rounds of trivia per player. This confirms that most of the daily activity we’re seeing is in the game.

All this goes to prove our theory that a core market of enthusiasts combined with the incentive of rewards leads to an extremely active user base highly engaged with Trivia Joint.

Why Does This Matter?

Good question, why does this matter? It matters because when active, enthusiastic players engaged with products great things happen. We were able to measure how our player base responded to the product engagements within the app.

LifeLIneWe Did It With BES and PES

We tested Trivia Joint with 14 bars and one major distributor in the Albany, New York area. Our distributor was given a Brand Engagement Solution (BES) and Product Engagement Solution (PES). Both embedded within the trivia game.

PabstLifeline- BES: The first is a brand engagement solution. Players are eligible for one Lifeline per trivia round. If a question answered incorrectly during a round a Lifeline question pops up. The questions focus on different brands that the distributor carries. For example, a picture of a Pabst Blue Ribbon logo asking when the company was founded. If players get the Lifeline question right they get a second chance. Players are actively learning about and thinking about the products they’re engaged with.

coors_light_poster_by_naveedafsar1983Product Category – PES: The second is a product engagement solution. Distributors can create their own trivia categories with 10 questions about any of their products. In the this case our Albany distributor created a Coors Light category with 10 questions about the beer. Questions like, “Who was the original founder of Coors?” and “How many calories does a bottle of Coors Light have?” When players challenge another player to the Coors Light category and win the challenge they earn a reward – a Coors Light drink voucher. In this case t players engage with the brand and actively engage with the product.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 2.37.06 PMWe think the marketing metrics were significant. Here’s what we found for every 1000 registered players:

  • Lifeline – By playing the Lifeline questions players engaged with the distributors brands over 9,000 time in a month.
  • Product Category – Players spent 1 to 1.5 minutes completing a product category and engaged with product over 6,400 times in a month.*
  • Drink Vouchers – The end result is over 560 drink vouchers are redeemed per month.**

*Trivia challenge numbers are based on 10 questions per category.                                                                                                                               **For the Alpha test we limited players to one redemption. It’s anticipated these numbers will increase.

What these means for a distributor is that Trivia Joint gives them an opportunity to exclusively own the rights to a mobile app in their bars directly targeted to an extremely specific demographic that is actively interested in their products. The end result is thousands of brand engagements and thousands of product engagements that drive players to try their products hundreds times every month.

The decision to include player, bar and distributor feedback via an Alpha Test during the product development phase ultimately has paid huge dividends. It ensured the user experience (UX) is excellent, provided important metrics that have helped turbo launch are sales effort, confirmed that there’s value for the distributors and bars, resulted in a core trivia player group that will continue to play Trivia Joint when we’re live, and has allowed us to go to market more quickly.

It Works

We’ve confirmed that because Trivia Joint has a relevant rewards solution, BES and PES marketing, and an enthusiastic player base it can deliver significant business and marketing results. There’s nothing trivial about it.




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