I want to help you…

I want to help you launch and grow your business. I have a history of successfully launching start ups or initiatives within in larger organizations. I focus on product development, sales process, channel sales and marketing. My successes include:

  1. ZoomCredit – became one of the top 100 visited websites in the US helping tens of thousands of applicants finance new homes or refinance their mortgages.
  2. Club Northwest – is an 80,000 sq ft health club in Grants Pass, Oregon. In a small town of just 20,000 people we were able to grow to 4000 members at twice the price of any other health club in the market.
  3. McCoy Advertising – was a small advertising agency the we grew into the Albuquerque and San Francisco markets.
  4. Valor Global – was a small IT managed services company that grew to an international IT support organization with centers in Costa Rica and the Philippines with over 800 employees.
  5. Cox Work at Home Initiative – was an initiative that supported enterprise organizations as the virtualized their workforces to the home. The initiative resulted in Cox winning relationships with companies like USAA, Banner Health, Apollo and American Express.
  6. Trivia Joint – is a mobile app product that we’re currently testing in the Albany, New York market that promotes wine, beer and spirit distributor’s products.
  7. Qwerty Coins – a platform that delivers a virtual currency to users of mobile apps and games. Currently in the launch phase.

Let me know how I can help you. First step is to schedule a free consultation or contact me using the info below.

Ian Bellais
Business Consultant
480-263-0562 (direct)

10 thoughts on “I want to help you…

  1. Fantastic article. Good to see the development of stronger domestic labor trends and higher standards for our workers, reduced emission of carbon fuel, etc. Keep up the great forum.

    PB Conaway
    Washington, DC

  2. Dear IAN,

    Thanks so much for these notes on the meeting. It really gave me much to think about.
    I have been teaching and training Call center (brick and mortar) personnel and wrote a book on Positive Coaching. I am getting requests for ideas on coaching the at-home-agents.
    These insights are wonderful to read.
    Thanks again for your time and investment in giving us all a heads up.
    Judy McKee

  3. Dear Ian we would like to be added to your list. We are not a hiring company….we are a certified Work From Home Job Board. http://www.ContractWorld.jobs
    As far as we are aware the site is the first of it’s kind.


    Job Seekers
    Home career assistance is free to job seekers
    Testing of computers & connections by a live help desk is free to job seekers
    Resume submission to job posting is free to job seekers
    Employment contracting management system

    Hiring Corporations
    LiveXchange (parent co) only allows credible corporations to post
    Minimum payment standards must be met
    Job postings are free to corporations
    Automated interview module to assist building interview group
    Credit check and background checks supplied free
    Employment contracting management system

    The ContractWorld.jobs System
    Once both parties complete the interview/offer/training phase they enter into what we call “The New Work Contract”. They system supports a PCI compliant, X509 certificate based access. The network enables corporations to securely control the home PC, access to their network based on a very unique scheduler that controls access by schedule, tracking work events, payment calculation, invoicing, collection & payment.
    Additional the system tracks late to log in, early log out, time off and overall schedule adhearance.

    Once a successful work contract is in place they system operates on a semi-monthly payment cycle payment to the home agent is required every cycle.

    This system ensures that the individual is paid on time.

    The Agent pays $29 per month for this service, only if they have worked and only if they have been paid.

    For more information please contact me. We would love to be on your list.


    Brian Pritchard 416-987-2255

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